Typical technologies that make up O2O

O2O is an abbreviation for Online to Offline. Literally, it’s a measure that guides consumers from online to offline.

With the rapid development of the Internet, consumer purchasing behavior has become complete on the Internet. In order for physical stores to survive, the challenge is how to guide consumers from online to physical stores.

There is a background that O2O is attracting attention as a method to solve the problems related to attracting customers that such physical stores have.

Here are four technologies that are being used to make O2O successful.

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Location information


In blockchain games, players act as individual miners and nodes on a distributed ledger maintained by a central server. Players can interact with each other through a messaging system to track the progress of their ledgers. Players compete with each other to mine the most blocks while protecting against network spam by blocking transactions for unnecessary fees. The player builds the next block and builds the network by effectively calculating the mathematically unique identifier (hash) and collating the fees to be paid by protecting the ledger from network attacks. .. This may sound complicated and difficult, but not because of…

Customer Satisfaction (CS) and NPS are very useful indicators for understanding customer experience (CX).

But what’s the real difference between customer satisfaction and NPS?

And what about issues that cannot be identified by customer satisfaction and NPS alone? I will explain it in order from now on.

What is Customer Satisfaction (CS)?
Customer Satisfaction (CS) CS stands for Customer Satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is a measure of how satisfied a customer is with your service. Many companies use a five-point scale.

With economic development, marketing indicators have been sought, and customer satisfaction has come to be regarded as indispensable for a…

Community marketing is a marketing method that aims to become an enthusiastic fan by building relationships with not only users but also companies and users.
So how do you go about it?
In this article, I will introduce specific methods and utilization methods of community marketing.

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Definition of community marketing
Community marketing is the idea of ​​creating a community in which consumers who use a specific company or service can participate, and utilizing the benefits obtained through that community in marketing.

It’s important to note that community marketing is not a place to directly encourage the purchase of services. Finally…

Acquiring new customers is essential for store operations. It’s not easy to unintentionally distribute leaflets or do digital marketing to attract new customers. In order to acquire new customers in a store, it is important to set goals such as who you are aiming for and what you are interested in. This goal is the basis of marketing, so be sure to consider it. marketing. When narrowing down the target, it is important to make a plan by listing more specific candidates as well as gender and age. It is necessary to think about behavior from various perspectives, such as…

The return visit rate refers to the percentage of new users who visit the store again. In other words, the return visit rate is also an indicator of repeaters.

There are various indicators related to products and customers in store operations, but why is the return visit rate important?

In the first place, repeaters are customers who are familiar with products and services and who use them repeatedly. In other words, because we already know the value of our products and services, they will continue to generate sales.

It also introduces products and services to acquaintances, and has the potential…

The importance of “loyal customers” is increasing day by day among stores.
Do you know the loyal customer definition and the benefits of the store? And how can you increase the number of loyal customers?

Easily mean loyal customers
“Customers who are fans of store products and services and have high loyalty and attachment.”

Three characteristics of loyal customers

-They buy goods and services from a particular store many times
-They do not use the products or services of other competitors
-They actively recommend products and services to third parties

Also, according to Pareto’s law, 20% of in-store customers are…

The use of technology has become an integral part of any business. At retail stores, the number of employees is being reduced by unmanned stores and IT, and recently, “in-store analysis” using AI is drawing attention. Here, we will also introduce the reasons why in-store analysis is necessary and the methods and terms.

What is “in-store analysis”? It is intended to analyze and optimize mechanisms and approaches for maximizing sales based on store customer flowlines and purchasing behavior. This is an indispensable element that becomes the lifeline of store management.

Up until now, in-store analysis has also been an issue…

The existence of smartphones is extremely important in promoting “OMO” (fusion of online and offline).

This time, we will introduce the role of smartphones, which is the key to “OMO,” and how smartphones can change companies, stores, and customers.

With the spread of IoT products and mobiles, the expansion of purchasing methods such as EC and subscription, the rise of cashless payments, the evolution of technology, and changes in lifestyles, all of our daily lives are connected to the Internet, creating a place. It was. It can be called offline. Time is gone.

The biggest reason why smartphones are important in “OMO” is that “you can increase the number of touch points (contact points with…

Customer data analysis is an analysis method performed to analyze personal information such as the user who purchased a product and provide a more appropriate means.

Companies collect personal information for analysis and marketing use. If you sell on the internet, you can deliver the item just by address and name, but there is space to enter your occupation and age.

The purpose of creating unwanted fields is to get as much information as possible in order to consider approaches and countermeasures.

The main personal information we collect is as follows.

・Street address

・mail address

・ Purchase details




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