About “targeting” of stores

4 min readDec 19, 2020

Acquiring new customers is essential for store operations. It’s not easy to unintentionally distribute leaflets or do digital marketing to attract new customers.
In order to acquire new customers in a store, it is important to set goals such as who you are aiming for and what you are interested in. This goal is the basis of marketing, so be sure to consider it. marketing.
When narrowing down the target, it is important to make a plan by listing more specific candidates as well as gender and age. It is necessary to think about behavior from various perspectives, such as embodying consumers, what kind of hobbies they have, and how they spend their daily lives. By doing so, it becomes possible to predict when the store will come, and the means and contents of communication will become clearer.

In this column, we’ll look at the benefits of target marketing, target preferences, and specific ways around the community and region.

Benefits of target marketing
Today, consumer demand is diverse and it is difficult to adopt a fixed marketing approach. Among them, “target marketing” is attracting attention. Here are some of the benefits of targeted marketing.

1.1. Avoid competition with other companies

As far as some markets are concerned, big companies are not always winning. It is also possible to create a monopoly market by targeting. It’s important to find an approach that other companies haven’t adopted yet and start marketing.

2.2. Understand customer needs

Common marketing techniques tend to be difficult to understand in a particular area rather than extensive analysis. Target marketing, on the other hand, inevitably provides a better understanding of customer needs and insight into customer information.

3.3. Effective cost utilization

How to effectively utilize costs is a big issue for companies. In that respect, targeted marketing does not require analysis of all consumers, but most can be spent on a specific range of research, saving time and effort.

Marketing methods targeting SNS
One of the mainstream target marketing is the use of SNS.

“SNS marketing” is, as the word implies, a marketing method that utilizes social media. Many consumers are now using Facebook and Instagram, and I think everyone is using it. For this reason, it is not uncommon for products to be widely recognized as a result of social media. Today, the use of social media is essential not only for businesses but also for stores.

There are two major benefits to using social media. Since SNS has a community, you can send information to your target. In addition to age and gender, you can target details such as preferences. The other is the ability to communicate with customers in both directions. In normal communication, companies and stores are one-sided. However, in the case of SNS, for example, you can build trust by answering questions and requests.

In the next section, we will introduce marketing that does not target SNS. We are marketing and communicating from different perspectives.

Other target marketing

-Content marketing
Content marketing is about providing useful information to potential customers, making them fans and making the final purchase. Content includes postings on website blogs, YouTube videos, and social networks such as Facebook and Instagram.

The main advantage of content marketing is that it can be built on store-specific knowledge, so you can get started on a low budget. Second, unlike traditional ad delivery, content is stored on the homepage and becomes an asset. As a result, it is possible to continuously develop customers and utilize them for SEO measures. The downside, on the other hand, is that content marketing doesn’t require delivery costs, but it takes time to produce results because it takes time to create content and expect a natural flow.

The point of content marketing is to understand and provide the information that customers are looking for. Always be aware of what kind of customer you are aiming for and think about the content.

-Cause marketing
Cause marketing is a way to promote social contribution and environmental protection through the company’s products and sales. For example, “If you buy this product, you will donate 10% of the sales.” Participating in social contributions and environmental protection in this way leads to trust in stores and the development of new customers.

However, on the contrary, if the content you are trying to tackle is frivolous or if it is only words, you will lose the trust of the customer, so please be careful.

-Area marketing
Area marketing is the process of dividing a district or area and developing a market within a particular area. For example, it analyzes trade areas based on geographic information systems such as GIS and post-leaflets, focusing on surrounding areas with many families and competitors. In addition, the distribution area of ​​the posted advertisement can be set within a specific range, and it is also possible to communicate only in a specific area.

In recent years, we may use the location information function of smartphones and iBeacon. For example, you can use the app’s push notifications to send useful information about today to customers within 10 kilometers of your store. This can facilitate store visits. One goal is to remind existing customers. The point of area marketing is to recognize your target, analyze the trade area thoroughly, and understand what kind of target you are aiming for and where you are.




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