How to develop loyalty to the store[Episode 3]

A common loyalty point is that it can be used in a variety of industries, not just individual industries. There is a wide variety of convenience stores, rental shops, family restaurants, etc.

-Wide range of applications

For example, common points often earn 1 point for every dollar spent, and can be used as 1 point and 1 cent.

These points are convenient because they are widely used in real life, but since they can be used on the Internet, the range of use is further expanded.

-Mutual customer transfer

If you shop at one store, you may get coupons from other stores on your receipt. This can direct consumers to another store.

Up until now, points have been used as a tool to “enclose customers”, but more common points are used as tools to attract and guide customers. Regarding enclosing, the scale of “Enclosing between member stores” is different even if enclosed.

By participating in key commonalities, your name will become more visible and the benefits of mutual customer transfer will help you win

-Hard to be abandoned by customers

This may also be the case when it’s a brand effect, but it’s difficult to rule out commonalities.

The reason is that the number of point cards that obstruct your wallet does not increase, so if you can enter the point economy zone where the customer’s usage rate is high, you can encourage point use even if you “join”. .. Not being abandoned is an important factor in promoting a company and attracting customers.



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Pandroyty Token(PDRY) is considered to solve the problem of current customer loyalty program.