OMO “Fusion of online and offline

The existence of smartphones is extremely important in promoting “OMO” (fusion of online and offline).

This time, we will introduce the role of smartphones, which is the key to “OMO,” and how smartphones can change companies, stores, and customers.

With the spread of IoT products and mobiles, the expansion of purchasing methods such as EC and subscription, the rise of cashless payments, the evolution of technology, and changes in lifestyles, all of our daily lives are connected to the Internet, creating a place. It was. It can be called offline. Time is gone.

The biggest reason why smartphones are important in “OMO” is that “you can increase the number of touch points (contact points with customers)”. Before the spread of smartphones, there was no tool to increase touch points, and online and offline were managed separately, and efforts were made to increase touch points while using email, email, telephone and direct mail.

However, the proliferation of smartphone apps has enabled customers to connect to businesses and stores faster anytime, anywhere, making businesses and stores more efficient, less costly and less time consuming. Now you can approach.

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● Use of OMO customer’s app
Until now, the main points of contact have been the purchase of products, the use of services, and the provision of support and after-sales service. When I wanted information, I had to go to the actual store and inquire by phone or email, which took time and effort.

Changes will occur when the smartphone app becomes available.
If you have an online shop, you can purchase immediately from the app, write a review, post on SNS, and experience various things.

Until now, membership cards, loyalty cards, stamp cards, etc. had to be carried as paper or plastic cards, and discount coupons and coupons are bulky for leaflets and DMs, and may become unusable if forgotten. did.

In addition, membership cards and point cards of real cards were managed separately from online, but recently they are all integrated into the app, and those who have the app can receive a great deal of service. You can also create a wishlist, receive replenishment and price cut notifications from the app, and smoothly purchase what you need.

By making it more convenient, customers can access the store more often online or offline and become more “fans” than customers.

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● Use the OMO store app
By utilizing the basic customer information, purchasing, and behavior information accumulated through the app in “CRM (Customer Relationship Management)” and “MA (Marketing Automation)”, we will build closer relationships with customers and personalize them. Can fit. You can get closer to it.

Until now, we used to place advertisements for the general public on TV, radio, magazines, etc., but by using the app, we will be able to provide information tailored to our customers. You will be able to send e-mail newsletters and campaign information by narrowing down the age, gender, purchased genre, etc. In addition, measures to analyze the behavior information of customers who added products to the cart but did not purchase them, notify target customers of other products with the app, and encourage purchase. Because it uses the features of the app, you can save a lot of money compared to advertising.

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Since we can centrally manage the office work and sales promotion activities that were carried out at the actual stores at the head office, we will focus on reducing overtime pay and improving the quality of customer service and services at the actual stores. , Customers can also create even more visit cycles.

By building a system centered on smartphones and apps, it will be possible to provide customers with a customer experience (things) that is more than products and services (things), and the relationship with customers will become closer and sales will increase. I will. .. Stores and businesses can streamline their internal operations, drive work style reforms and improve productivity.

Smartphone and app-aware strategies and investments will be important factors for the future development of stores and companies.

“OMO” removes the barrier between online and offline, shortens the distance between customers and stores / companies, and brings them closer to each other.

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