The importance of allowing customers to easily “check in” and add locations to their posts

One of the most common ways for users to share their in-store experience on social media is to “check in” or add locations to their posts.

When a customer tags a location, a social media post is created that includes the name of the store or service. If you have information about your store or service on your store home page, Twitter, or Instagram, make sure your post links to your store profile. You may find it helpful to have your customers post along with photos of your restaurant menu, food and apparel shops.

These posts increase the internet exposure of your store or service. Asking the user to check in or tag the store or service will result in it being a free ad. This allows other users who do not yet know the store or service to access it.

To do so, make it easy for users who visit your store to check in. Services such as the following facilitate store check-in and location information: Please create an account.




Four Square



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