Typical technologies that make up O2O

O2O is an abbreviation for Online to Offline. Literally, it’s a measure that guides consumers from online to offline.

With the rapid development of the Internet, consumer purchasing behavior has become complete on the Internet. In order for physical stores to survive, the challenge is how to guide consumers from online to physical stores.

There is a background that O2O is attracting attention as a method to solve the problems related to attracting customers that such physical stores have.

Here are four technologies that are being used to make O2O successful.

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Location information

The use of location information is attracting attention as a technology for practicing O2O. Smartphones have the ability to turn location on and off, which allows users to get a lot of information about their current area. By using the system, stores can effectively take O2O measures.

As a concrete technology, there is Line Becon. Beacon is a technology that uses Bluetooth to locate the location. LINE Beacon is a service provided by LINE using its Beacon technology. By using it, you can link with the location of the LINE user and provide various information linked to the behavior in the real space.

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Push notification

Push notification is a function to display various messages on the lock screen of the smartphone via the app.

There are two types of push notifications: remote push notifications that are sent in real time when the Internet is connected, and local push notifications that notify you based on the schedule and contents prepared in advance on the app side.

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NFC / QR code

NFC (near field communication) and QR codes are also valid for O2O.

NFC is a system that enables wireless data communication with peripheral devices simply by holding it over, On the other hand, it is possible to send a large amount of data on the spot by having the QR code read by a smartphone camera or the like.

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AR is an abbreviation for Augmented Reality and is translated as Augmented Reality. Based on information from the real world, it is visualized by superimposing it on digital information and displayed on a display in real time.

AR can be said to be a technology used to create a concrete image that cannot be understood in digital space.

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